Month: July 2020

Animal cruelty: 55-year-old man arrested for raping cow in Madhya Pradesh, India

Bhopal, India: In an incident of extreme animal brutality, a cow was allegedly raped by a 55-year-old man in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. The man was arrested after the cops examined the CCTV footage of the area, the police said on Tuesday.

At around 4 am on July 4, the man went to a dairy in Sundar Nagar and allegedly performed unnatural sex with a cow.

A Srivastava, Ashoka Garden police station in-charge told news agency ANI that the accused man has been arrested and a case has been filed in relation to the incident.

Cows raped at shelter in Ayodhya, India

In May last year, a man was arrested in Ayodhya for allegedly raping several cows lodged at a local cattle shelter. The accused man was identified as Rajkumar. Rajkumar was a resident of Gonda, Nawabganj and was a frequent visitor of the shelter.

Rajkumar’s objectionable activities came to light when some of the volunteers saw a man raping cows while looking at the CCTV footage of the shelter. Following this, alert volunteers started keeping a close watch on the cows.


Once upon a time, in a far away land, there lived a Chinese wise man and his disciple. One day during their travels, they saw a hut in the distance. As they approached it, they realized that it was occupied, in spite of its extremely poor appearance.

In that desolate place where there were no crops and no trees, a man lived with his wife, three young children and a thin, tired cow. Since they were hungry and thirsty, the wise man and his disciple stopped for a few hours and were well received. At one point, the wise man asked:

“This is a very poor place, far away from anything. How do you survive?”

“You see that cow? That’s what keeps us going,” said the head of the family. “She gives us milk, some of it we drink and some we turn into cheese. When there is extra, we go into the city and exchange the milk and cheese for other types of food. That’s how we survive.”

The wise man thanked them for their hospitality and left. When he reached the first bend in the road, he said to his disciple:

“Go back, get the cow, take her to the cliff in front of us, and push her off.”

The disciple could not believe what he was hearing.

“I cannot do that, master! How can you be so ungrateful? The cow is all they have. If I throw it off the cliff, they will have no way of surviving. Without the cow, they will all die!”

The wise man, an elderly Chinese man, took a deep breath and repeated the order:“Go ahead. Push the cow off the cliff.”

Though outraged at what he was being asked to do, the disciple had to obey his master. He returned to the hut and quietly led the animal to the edge of the cliff and pushed. The cow fell down the cliff and died.

As the years passed by, remorse for what he had done never left the disciple. One spring day, the guilt became too much to bear and he left the wise man and returned to that little shack. He wanted to find out what had happened to that family, to help them out, apologize, or somehow make amends. Upon rounding a turn in the road, he could not believe what his eyes were showing him. In place of the poor shack, there was a beautiful house with trees all around, a swimming pool, several cars in the garage, a satellite dish, and more. Three good-looking teenagers and their parents were celebrating their first million dollars.

The heart of the disciple froze. What could have happened to the family? Without a doubt, they must have been starving to death and forced to sell their land and leave. At that moment, the disciple thought they must all be begging on the street corners of some city. He approached the house and asked a man that was passing by, about the whereabouts of the family that had lived there several years before.

“You are looking at it,” said the man, pointing to the people gathered around the barbecue. Unable to believe what he was hearing, the disciple walked through the gate and took a few steps closer to the pool where he recognized the man from several years before, only now he was strong and confident, the woman was happy, and the children were now good looking teenagers. He was dumbfounded, and went over to the man and asked:

“What happened? I was here with my teacher a few years ago and this was a miserable place. There was nothing. What did you do to improve your lives in such a short time?”

The man looked at the disciple, and replied with a smile:

“We had a cow that kept us alive. She was all we had. But one day she fell down the cliff and died. To survive, we had to start doing other things, develop skills we didn’t even know we had. And so, because we were forced to come up with new ways of doing things, we are now much better off than before.”


Many a time, we have let our dependence on salary, titles, certain people, things or situation, create a comfort zone and limit us from achieving greater things.

You could be very ‘cautious’ in nature and it takes you a lot to let go and climb to another level. You ma

y feel terrible at first, but in the end, it will all be worth it.

From the conversation in the end, the man says that they had to develop skills and do other things when their only ‘source of survival was dead’.

It is time to wake up!

At times, we need to lose that job to realize that we can actually do well in business.

Sometimes that business needs to fail, to realize that we can do well in other things.

Sometimes a situation in our lives may have to fail for us to realize that we deserve and can get better.

Is there a cow in your life that is keeping you miserable? If so, push that cow down the cliff and please do not be tempted to go after it!

COVID-19 pandemic could be the godsent servant pushing our cow down the cliff so we can develop wings to fly🦅.

The sweet psalmist of Israel.

The sweet psalmist of Israel.

Verse: 2 Samuel 23:1

Among all the saints whose lives are recorded in Holy Writ, David possesses an experience of the most striking, varied, and instructive character. In his history we meet with trials and temptations not to be discovered, as a whole, in other saints of ancient times, and hence he is all the more suggestive a type of our Lord. David knew the trials of all ranks and conditions of men. Kings have their troubles, and David wore a crown: the peasant has his cares, and David handled a shepherd’s crook: the wanderer has many hardships, and David abode in the caves of Engedi: the captain has his difficulties, and David found the sons of Zeruiah too hard for him.

The psalmist was also tried in his friends, his counsellor Ahithophel forsook him, “He that eateth bread with me, hath lifted up his heel against me.” His worst foes were they of his own household: his children were his greatest affliction. The temptations of poverty and wealth, of honour and reproach, of health and weakness, all tried their power upon him. He had temptations from without to disturb his peace, and from within to mar his joy. David no sooner escaped from one trial than he fell into another; no sooner emerged from one season of despondency and alarm, than he was again brought into the lowest depths, and all God’s waves and billows rolled over him.

It is probably from this cause that David’s psalms are so universally the delight of experienced Christians. Whatever our frame of mind, whether ecstasy or depression, David has exactly described our emotions. He was an able master of the human heart, because he had been tutored in the best of all schools—the school of heart-felt, personal experience. As we are instructed in the same school, as we grow matured in grace and in years, we increasingly appreciate David’s psalms, and find them to be “green pastures.” My soul, let David’s experience cheer and counsel thee this day

Here’s what you can do when feeling uncomfortablein Face mask

We’ve got creative tips to help prevent chafed ears and the best fabric to use to help stay cool.

Make your face mask more comfortable by following these tips.

For the most up-to-date news and information about the coronavirus pandemic, visit the WHO website.
Does your face mask feel tight around your ears when you wear it to the store? Do the straps dig into your head or chafe your skin? You’re not the only one. With summer approaching, you may be wondering how you’ll stay comfortable while wearing a mask when the sun is hot and your face is sweating. Fortunately, we have some tips to help keep you comfortable while wearing your covering, especially for longer periods of time.

As businesses reopen around the world, it’s often required that you wear face coverings when you enter businesses and restaurants, to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Many states now have face mask mandates, too. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released new guidance encouraging people in mass gatherings, like the public protests swelling across the globe, to wear face masks.

Any mask you buy should fit above your nose and below your chin snugly, but not so tightly that it digs into your face. It also needs to be made from a breathable fabric, especially if it’s multiple layers thick.

Whether you’re wearing a homemade face covering or a premade mask, remember you should always wash your hands before putting on the mask and after you remove it. Here’s how to keep comfortable while wearing your mask in public.

Prevent your ears from becoming raw
Ear chafing from wearing masks has become a common complaint due to the elastic rubbing behind your ears. Some people have gotten creative and started making headbands with buttons to attach the elastic loops around.

If wearing a headband isn’t really your style, you can always try the S-ring hook trick. To attach your face mask, take the loops and place them around each U of the hook. Make sure the S-ring is centered on the back of your head when you’re wearing the mask. The hook should help your mask fit better around your face since the loops will be pulled snug.

If you don’t have an S-ring hook lying around your house, you can find mask hooks on Etsy in different shapes, sizes and designs. Or place a piece of folded tissue between the strap and your ear for cushioning.

Only use 100% cotton face masks and coverings

Many people buy 100% cotton sheets for a reason: to stay cool. And that rule doesn’t just apply to sheets — you should also be on the lookout for face masks made from cotton, as well. The cotton material is considered to have better ventilation and will trap less of the moisture that builds up from breathing and sweating. And since your face mask may have multiple layers, you’ll want a material that doesn’t restrict your breathing.

There are also certain materials you’ll want to avoid, like polyester, which can trap moisture through its water-resistant properties.

Make it snug, not tight

While you want your mask to fit snugly around your face to help prevent respiratory droplets from escaping or coming in, you don’t want it to be so tight that it hurts your face. Also, if it’s too tight, that gives you less room to breathe well.

Wear your mask around the house before you leave to make sure you’ll be comfortable wearing it for a long period of time, or long enough to go to the grocery store, for example. Adjust as needed while you’re at home because the last thing you want to do is take off and readjust your mask while in public.

Change your mask if it feels gross

Now that it’s starting to warm up outside, the longevity of your masks throughout the day may be shorter. That’s because the mask can cause your face to sweat, creating moisture inside the mask. Once a mask becomes wet, it’s no longer useful and should be changed immediately. Therefore, we suggest keeping an extra mask with you when you know you’ll be out for a while.

When you get home, you’ll need to properly remove your mask and place it in the laundry to be cleaned and ready to use again.

Be wary of your face products

If you have dry skin, it’s best to put on moisturizer before wearing a mask. This can help prevent skin irritation from where the mask rubs your face. If you have oily skin, you may want to avoid wearing a liquid foundation as that can clog your pores and cause your skin to break out. Not to mention, the foundation can also rub off on your mask, leading to decreased air filtration, making it harder to breathe.

If you have sensitive skin, you may want to forgo wearing makeup under your mask altogether and to cleanse your face before and after wearing a mask.

If whatever covering you’re using now still isn’t comfortable and secure, here’s where you can buy a face mask online. Also, here’s where you’re expected to wear a face mask in public and what you need to know about making a homemade face mask.

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Without mincing words, this humble legend could be said to be the most versatile practitioner in Nollywood. He writes, he directs, he acts, he produces music for film, he trains! And amazingly, he is trained and certified to that effect from the best schools home and abroad. Eliel Otote A is indeed, an alumnus of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Royal Schools of Music, London and the Colorado Film School, Denver, USA. He also possesses a certificate in Digital Imaging, as advised by the Boston University. Yes, he is a Jack of all trades, but as you can see, a Master of all! And many are benefiting from him.

Eliel has not only trained many for the industry, he is also very entertaining himself as a detailed Actor in movies and TV series like The SPIDER where he plays the old school Uncle and THE JOHNSONS as the money-conscious Mr. Deputy, or the new series – MAMA, S BOOK as the mischievous and uncompromising Fregene Jolomi…the list is endless.

As Nollywood Administrator, Eliel was on the Committee that formed the Screenwriters Guild Of Nigeria (SWGN) along with the likes of Ekenna Igwe, Adim Williams, Chike Bryan, Obinna Nnaji among others. As DGN official, Eliel served as Provost, National Welfare Officer, National Secretary and Director of Finance for a period spanning 12 years!