Read about The New Book “Silent Talks- A Journey Into Self” and Author Eliel Otote A

Read about The New Book “Silent Talks- A Journey Into Self” and Author Eliel Otote A

Silent Talks: A Journey Into Self” by Eliel Otote A, is a must read book! Its not only informative, educative and entertaining, there is a lot about Y

OU in the book! The book encompasses all the known and yet to know human and material experiences that characterize the journey of life, crafted and presented in a more entertaining manner. The language is simple but packed with metaphors. Every page leads you through the philosophical landscape of human existence.


Silent Talks- A Journey Into Self is now available on Amazon click on the image below to get your copy NOW



Eliel Otote A is a Nollywood Filmmaker and Coach who never makes noise in the press, but his works speak volume whether as Writer, Director or as an Actor and of course, Trainer. His wealth of experience has been tapped into by Universities, Dance troupes, Film schools etc where he gives lectures on regular basis, besides his own studio-ArtsWORKSHOP.

Without mincing words, this humble legend could be said to be the most versatile practitioner in Nollywood. He writes, he directs, he acts, he produces music for film, he trains! And amazingly, he is trained and certified to that effect from the best schools home and abroad. Eliel Otote A is indeed, an alumnus of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Royal Schools of Music, London and the Colorado Film School, Denver, USA. He also possesses a certificate in Digital Imaging, as advised by the Boston University. Yes, he is a Jack of all trades, but as you can see, a Master of all! And many are benefiting from him.

Eliel has not only trained many for the industry, he is also very entertaining himself as a detailed Actor in movies and TV series like The SPIDER where he plays the old school Uncle and THE JOHNSONS as the money-conscious Mr. Deputy, or the new series – MAMA, S BOOK as the mischievous and uncompromising Fregene Jolomi…the list is endless.

As Nollywood Administrator, Eliel was on the Committee that formed the Screenwriters Guild Of Nigeria (SWGN) along with the likes of Ekenna Igwe, Adim Williams, Chike Bryan, Obinna Nnaji among others. As DGN official, Eliel served as Provost, National Welfare Officer, National Secretary and Director of Finance for a period spanning 12 years!

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