APPLY NOW: New global fund for climate stories & impact campaigns

APPLY NOW: New global fund for climate stories & impact campaigns


The Climate Story Fund will support stories and impact campaigns from around the world that move us closer to a climate just and biodiverse future. The fund is part of Doc Society’s new Climate Story Unit, under the leadership of Megha Agrawal Sood, which formed as part of Doc Society’s commitment to addressing the climate and ecological crises at the front and centre of our work.

We are inspired by the writer Amitav Ghosh who reminds us that,

“When future generations look back…they will certainly blame the leaders and politicians of this time for their failure to address the climate crisis. But they may well hold artists and writers to be equally culpable – for the imagining of possibilities is not after all, the job of politicians and bureaucrats”.

Our approach is rooted in a commitment to climate justice, because this is not only an ecological but also a social and racial equity crisis. We want to move beyond the monoculture of past climate narratives, and support a wave of stories from new perspectives and communities and strategic impact campaigns that can activate audiences who have often been ignored.

And we believe that artists can work better and more creatively when they work in partnership with others. We bring creatives together with climate experts, scientists, policy experts, indigenous leaders, community organisers, youth activists and social scientists to make sure that their storytelling and impact plans are grounded in dialogue with those on the frontlines.


There will be two rounds for applications this year. This first round closes March 4th and the second will open in the autumn. The grant pot available for the first round is $800,000, and we are looking to support 6-8 projects with grants ranging between $20,000 to $100,000 per project.

The selection process will be guided by the Fund’s principles, including prioritizing projects that embody inclusion and diversity across team and subject matter, and exercise responsible practices when engaging story participants and communities.

We can support projects:

– From all over the world
– Both stories serving local communities, or projects suited to a national or global audience.
– Both new and established artists.
– Completion funding: for creative nonfiction projects, including long form, shorts, and episodic documentaries as well as podcasts and AR/VR completing production in 2021.
– Pilot impact funding: for creative nonfiction and fiction projects of any medium for impact campaigns launching in 2021.

Grantees must be able to attend our virtual Impact Lab during the week of 17th May 2021.


As an initiative of the Climate Story Unit, this Fund is committed to uplifting the perspectives of black, brown and indigenous lives, many of whom are on the frontlines of the climate emergency, and also to represent those who feel excluded from the climate movement and whose voices have not been included in past climate narratives. Our commitment to anti-racism, economic equity and climate justice will be reflected not only in the range of diverse and global narratives supported by the Climate Story Fund, but also in the profile of the media makers and impact producers behind each project. This will also be reflected in the makeup of the team at Doc Society who is administering the fund, and the panel of global experts who will contribute to the decision making process.

An Emphasis on Impact:

Storytelling as a creative practice is at the heart of this fund and while no previous experience with impact campaigns is required, we need you to be open and willing to embrace this way of working.

Each grantee will participate in an impact lab the week of 17 May 2021 where storytellers will collaborate closely with practitioners, ranging from climate scientists to impact producers to movement builders, to ensure they are building upon existing expertise and advocacy efforts to engage their intended audiences.

Doc Society has created the Impact Field Guide as a useful resource for building impact campaigns. We encourage you to check it out. Other resources to consider are Doc Society’s Green Protocol, the report outs from the Climate Story Labs, the COVID-19 Protocol, and the Safe and Secure Protocol.

The Timeline for Round One of the fund:

– 8th February 2021 – Call for applications open. In the application, you will be asked to demonstrate a clear idea, production, delivery and impact distribution plans or possibilities.
– 4th March 2021 – Call for applications closes at 11:59 PM PST
– Week of 5th April 2021 – Shortlisted applicants will be contacted to supply rough cuts / extended materials
– Week of 19th April 2021 – Zoom interviews (30 mins) for final round applicants
– Week of 3rd May 2021 – Selected grantees will be notified
– Week of 10th May 2021 – Unsuccessful candidates will be notified
– Week of 17th May 2021 – Virtual Impact Lab for all new grantees

The second round of the fund will open in Fall 2021. The Climate Story Fund is made possible through the generous support of a donor network including the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, CrossCurrents Foundation and Beth Braun.

Apply here.

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